PYRAMID CONSULTING, INC. (PCI) is a one stop e-portal that designs and supplies products and services that meet or exceed the needs of our customers. We assure continuous, superior quality of our products and services by working in close cooperation with our clients.

PCI's goal is to be our clients' outsource collaborator by providing equipment, support, and personnel to manage our clients' overhead needs so they can focus on their core competencies.

It is our corporate policy to provide our employees with a safe working environment, opportunities for growth, training and education, and a culture that promotes the expression of ideas. We strive for teamwork by focusing on group goals and objectives, celebrating both group and individual accomplishments, and sharing ownership for results. This culture of group responsibility not only encourages individual growth but corporate unity and teamwork. The success of our company lies in our ability to work together and that is the responsibility of every employee at PCI.


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