was founded in Milpitas, California back in November of 1998. Its' main purpose was to serve the Semiconductor Industry. Pyramid's focus was to provide

  • Process Equipment Installs
  • Startups
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Generate Documentation on Used or Refurbished Equipment

As Pyramid grew, so did the demands of its customers. Demands ranged from providing Y2K Compliance to obtaining used equipment for a facility.

In January of 1999, Pyramid Consulting was Incorporated in the State of
California and expanded through the creation of an office in Upstate New
York. From there, the name Pyramid Consulting, Incorporated (PCI) was
adopted. As PCI's customer base continued to grow under the new corporation the demands for eclectic forms of services grew even greater.

Imagine, as a customer, your facility needs to relocate from one country to another. PCI could assist you in all areas of such relocation:

Semiconductor Division - Would ensure:
                            Proper disassemble of equipment.
Options to purchase used or refurbished equipment is available.
Proper equipment install and startup at new location.
Logistics Division - Would ensure the proper packaging and transportation of:
  Heavy equipment if any
Computers/Office equipment
Information Technology Division - Would ensure:
  Computer Profiles are migrated properly
Computers are networked properly
Proper website updates
Full IT support
Compliance Regulatory Division - Would ensure:
  Proper compliancy requirements are met for product release in the new demographic location.
Organizational Development Division - Would ensure:
  Proper counseling is available to employees for the new changes within the company (i.e. reasons for relocating or possible reduction in workforce)

All of these transition services prove overwhelming to many Purchasing Managers considering the amount of paperwork involved with associating a variety of vendors on a single project. PCI eliminates such headaches by providing the purchasing manager with a variety of solutions under one umbrella.

Whatever your service needs may be, Pyramid Consulting, Incorporated, your "ONE STOP SOLUTION" provider, will change that possible painstaking task into a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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