Often organizations focus on the Product or Service their company provides leaving out considerations for the "people" that make the organization function. The Organizational Development Division focuses on the People that compose your organization, and attend to individual and group needs that ultimately promote the health and well being of the entire organization. The following are a list of services within the umbrellas of Consultation, Training, and Wellness Education that Pyramid Consulting, Inc. currently offers:

Executive Coaching
The innovative method for improving executive management effectiveness through consultant observation, intervention, and explanation. This service is traditionally offered within a one to one modality assuring confidentiality, as well as attention to the client's unique personality style, background, and desired goal.

Human Resource Mgmt
Consultation regarding comprehensive human resource management including organizational system design, workflow efficiency analysis, and employee-skill placement.

Personnel Selection
Thorough examination of employee background, personality style, skill sets, and cultural implications as they effect specific vocational duties, team integration, and vocational assignment.

Organizational Effectiveness
Evaluation of strengths and/or obstacles contributing to productivity throughout all levels of your organization.

Team Effectiveness
Evaluation and recommendations for maximizing your team's effectiveness and cohesion with the goal of improving team unity, individual organizational affiliation, and overall employee satisfaction.


Leadership Training
Training individual employees and/or teams to uncover overlooked leadership assets through identifying current skills/abilities and offering interventions designed to utilize individual and/or group potential.

Diversity Training
Discovering individual and unique talents offered from your diverse employee population with the goal of addressing similarities and differences in order to promote cohesion while honoring diverse cultural/ethnic backgrounds.

Multicultural Training
Education focused on unique perspectives offered and experienced within unique ethnic and/or cultural identities and affiliations. This training/educational service is geared at educating individual employees and teams on the backgrounds of their diverse workplace with particular focus on cultural sensitivity and knowledge acquisition.

Mental Health Education
Education and consultation is provided to inform employees on how mental health issues effect workplace behaviour and attitudes with the goal of destigmatizing "mental health". Education is provided to organizations and their employees on the signs of psychological distress, and simple methods to promote employee wellness are taught in order to maintain employee satisfaction and organizational well-being.

Critical Incident Debriefing
Consultation following a workplace and/or community disaster and/or tragedy where issues of psychological trauma are natural responses to such events. Trained practitioners serve to "debrief" survivors and/or witnesses to these tragic events. Consultants facilitate group and individual discussions, as well as generate interventions focused on alleviating the effects of trauma and psychological distress.q

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