Pyramid Consulting Inc. (PCI) Information Technology (IT) bringing Information Systems Managements (ISM) to the Business-to-Business (B2B) environment at a higher level. For a small monthly fee, PCI will lease networks, network personnel, and the add-on hardware such as computers, printers, software, and scanners for 36 months.

You ask: why lease? Scalability, plus cost effectiveness, while decreasing overhead costs, will help maintain control of your bottom line; what better reason to lease?

PCI will bring your ISM configurations into the future, at a reduced cost with 100% warranty replacement of all add-on equipment to the network. Our workmanship and service to our customer is 24/7/365. If faulty equipment should occur, shipping charges will be credited to your account. Shipping charges for other returns will be the customer's responsibility.

  • Inventory / Warehousing Tracking Systems
  • Production Tracking Systems
  • Quality Data Systems
  • Logistic Information Systems
  • Personnel

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