Q: What is Pyramid Consulting, Incorporated all about?
Click on "Overview" under “About PCI” to fully understand what the company can offer to any industry of your needs.

Q: Does PCI have a diversified customer base?
Yes, PCI does have a diversified customer base and it is growing all the time. Go to our Customer Base page for a complete list.

Q: Define why Pyramid Consulting, Inc. (PCI) is considered an Eportal.
Portal is a term, generally synonymous with gateway, for a World Wide Web site that is or proposes to be a major starting site for users when they get connected to the Web or that users tend to visit as an anchor site. Eportal is the electronic portal for the World Wide Web. PCI is considered a niche or specialized portal. It is a location for a “variety of industries” to log on, anchor themselves and obtain services that pertain to their outsourcing requirements. This is also how the “Motto” statement “The One-Stop Eportal for Your Industry” was brought to life.


Q: Does PCI do Wet Process Design and Design Improvements?
Yes, we can design Wet Process Equipment but do not manufacture Wet Process Equipment. PCI can manufacture associated components such as Process Vessels, End-Effectors, Chemical Distribution Systems, Robots, and a variety of other process improvement components.

Q: Can PCI provide documentation services for existing Ultra Fab Wet Process Equipment?
Yes, we can provide documentation such as new electrical schematics, plumbing schematics, and even "As-Built" tool layout

Q: Can PCI service non-Ultra Fab Wet Process Equipment?
Yes, PCI can service a wide range of Wet Process Equipment. Please check out our Semiconductor Division for a list of Wet Process Equipment PCI is currently servicing our plans to service.


Q: Lease … why should you lease?
Scalability, Cost Effective, Never behind the Technology Curve (at zero expense); three major reasons to lease.

Q: What is PCI’s definition of Scalability?
To able to maintain control of the cost /expenses while trying to increase required manpower quickly for new products, increased production, or during a downsize of your company when the market in your space no longer exist and the product lines must be cut. You need to decrease or increase manpower and equipment without losing the ability to be profitable.

Q: What is PCI’s definition of Cost Effectiveness?
Being able to expense instead of capitalize. Maintaining your expenses at the same level during growth times or downsize times. Employees under this program, allow for you to not have their benefits and extras come out of your profits…and you have no need to hire supervisors or managers to support the organization. One monthly payment, the same amount per month for 34 months out of 36.

Q: What are the Technology Curve Issues?
The real issue is that all or most of the hardware such as computers, printers, monitors, etc. all go through changes because of the advancement in technology. So about every 3 years or a little less your systems become outdated. You would like to get new equipment but it becomes a cost issue and you always want to know what to do with the old equipment. With the PCI Leasing concept, you don’t worry about any of this. If you continue the lease, all your add-on equipment will be upgraded to a newer technology at no expense to you and the old will go back to PCI.


Q: Where are your Warehousing and Distribution facilities located?
Currently PCI has a West Coast Distribution Center in San Jose, CA. (Click here to view our warehouse) If your company requires more suitable locations for your needs, PCI can locate, negotiate rates and set up depots in the United States to fulfill you warehousing and distribution needs with various vendors.

Q: Can I obtain a Rate Quote for a package(s) I would like to ship?
Yes!, PCI's "One-Stop E-Portal" website has a "Rate Configurator" where the PCI Logistics Division can search and shop the best rates for your shipping needs. PCI will provide you with a quotation within a 24-hr time-frame.

Q: What is Logistics?
The AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY defines logistics as The Procurement, distribution, maintenance and replacement of material and Personnel. In terms of the " business oriented" activities associated with the distribution of consumer commodities, logistics may be defined as:" The process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements." As defined and developed by the Council of Logistics Management(CLM) Oak Brook, Illinois. U.S.A.

Q: Why would I choose the Logistics division of PCI for my courier services when most companies choose FedEx, UPS, or any other standard courier companies?
Companies choose those standard courier companies because it has become second nature to them … and without realizing an expensive habit. If you go with PCI, a logistics rate shopper for all your logistics needs, you can be assured you are paying the right dollar to the right courier service. This would lower your overall logistics expenditures and in any market, this is always a desirable goal for you and the department you run.

Q: What added benefit do I have when I choose PCI as my preferred Logistics solution provider?
The PCI Logistics Division has the capability to compare and negotiate rates based on numerous logistic solutions and not just a limited few. What this adds to your company's benefit is the fact that whatever and whenever your logistics needs may be, PCI's develops a 'customer-tailored' solution which keeps in mind your shipping budget, commitment to personal service, and most importantly customer loyalty. Not the least, we can also manage all of your overhead logistics expenditures.


Q: Is PCI CR handling only Telecommunications Compliance services?
Presently, Yes but shortly PCI CR will handle Compliance services for other industries; Semiconductor, Medical, and Consumer Products to name a few ...

Q: Can you name a few worldwide Telecom standards that PCI CR is providing services to meet these standards?
Yes we can … please see below and click on any three logos to obtain a description of what the compliance stamp associates itself with:


Q: In light of the September 11th tragedy, does PCI offer specific consultation and education regarding world events and their affects on workplace mental health?
PCI offers training and educational consultation focused on dealing with the affects of collectively experienced tragedies on employee mental health, behaviours, and attitudes.

Q: Can PCI offer guidance and direction to organizations functioning during unsteady economic and political conditions?
PCI utilizes the expertise of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists in order to maximize team effectiveness and cohesion, improve Executive and Managerial clarity through Coaching services, and inspire organizational commitment despite tumultuous environmental conditions.

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