With lots of new markets opening around the world, the opportunities are unprecedented. But to succeed, companies have to bring their products to these markets quickly. Also to be prepared to enter new trading areas with regulations/certification requirements that are often very confusing; this is where Pyramid Consulting, Inc. (PCI) Compliance Regulatory services can help you with the focuses on Globalability, Resources, and Program Management. Below you will be able to obtain an overview of the services the Compliance Regulatory division of PCI can offer.

PCI is a global family of Services & Products. We connect your manufacturers in Asia, USA, Canada, South America, and Europe with your market places in the USA, Canada, South America and Europe by handling your Compliance Regulatory proprietary requirements…


The Compliance Regulatory division of PCI will be your outsourcing provider for consulting and in assisting you in obtaining the correct agencies for the following compliances.

  • FCC ( Part 68 and Part 15)
  • Industry Canada ( CS-03)
  • Pan European Approvals ( CE, EMC, Low voltage)
  • Asia national approvals
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • Mid-East and North Africa
  • Safety ( UL, ETL)


Program Management
Standards in the industries differ by country, where regulations are confusing and paperwork is maddening. Our assistance and experience will help get you through the process. PCI will provide the program management staffing and required personnel to ensure proper documentation, correct agencies for testing, and final certification for your product(s). Regardless of the size of your company or your project, we are absolutely committed to making sure you will receive the kind of attention and consideration you deserve…

 If you would like further information, or would like to have a representative contact you regarding these services, please click here.

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