The Semiconductor division is designed to help companies that are seeking professional talent and support for their Semiconductor Process Equipment service requirements. With the semiconductor industry's history for downsizing, then overnight ramping up again, these companies are finding it more difficult to staff up, improve throughput, support scalability, and service their equipment to keep up with demands of their customers.

PCI is continually building alliances with equipment manufacturers so that their customers have an additional assurance for support.

We will also be able to provide to you Chemical Distribution System, Enclosures (mini-environments), and fabricated plastic parts. Furthermore we will provide any custom component necessary for the enhancement of your semiconductor process equipment.


Process Equipment Services

Currently, PCI provides equipment support to a variety of wet process equipment. In the near future, PCI will be expanding equipment support to a variety of other semiconductor process equipment.



With the demand on obtaining the cleanest process, least amount of particle generation, and the least amount of human intervention, automation on a process equipment is becoming ever more desirable. At PCI, we take into consideration this desire with great pride and enthusiasm.


Used and Refurbished Equipment

Why buy new equipment? PCI can now offer a wide range of used and even refurbished equipment. We can uninstall the equipment, decommission it, crate it, transport it, deliver it, and not the least install it for you. With our association with a variety of facilities worldwide, there are always companies trying to find new homes for their used equipment, or are looking for a used equipment. Contact PCI first should you need to acquire used or refurbished semiconductor equipment.


Process Improvement

Design of Experiments
To further understand why during a process, we have erratic outputs, we follow the concept of Designing Experiments to detect the source of the process inconsistencies. This event is referred to as "Design of Experiments" (DOE). Montgomery, D. C. (1991) notes that "A designed experiment is a test in which some purposeful changes are made to the input variables of a process or system so that we may observe and identify the reasons for changes in the output response. ... Experimental design methods play an important role in process development and process improvement."


Should you require further information on the services PCI provides as related to the Semiconductor industry, please contact us. Should you want to view our list of products PCI can supply for your Semiconductor Equipment requirements, please go to our Products page

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