With the demand on obtaining the cleanest process, least amount of particle generation, and the least amount of human intervention, automation on a process equipment is becoming ever more desirable. At PCI, we take into consideration this desire with great pride and enthusiasm.

In every solution associated with “Automation” comes the need for a software application (list of instructions) that allows for the tool to become either semi or fully automated. Some tools need to be enhanced/upgraded to allow for such automation. Software Process Enhancement is in great demand within the Semiconductor industry … we at PCI strive to fulfill this demand with the least amount of downtime and frustrations to our clients. Our staff has extensive knowledge in software implementation, troubleshooting, and programming. Especially when it is associated with a variety of process equipment in the Semiconductor industry. In particular PCI is an OEM Systems Integrator of Wonderware Software Development Packages.

For a robot to operate or even a GUI operator panel to be implemented, either a PLC or a computer is necessary. When it comes to Hardware “Know-how” in the Semiconductor industry, PCI strives to stay on top of the latest technology. From integrating new standalone computer systems, networking, implementing PLC, troubleshooting, or just upgrading, the “One Stop E-portal” will lead your company into improved throughput and performance. With the support of our Information Technology division, we manage to stay competitive, yet also provide the best that technology has to offer.

The Semiconductor division of PCI provides PLC custom programming, upgrading, replacement, and troubleshooting to a variety of PLC manufactures. We also help you research your automation requirements as associated with the PLC product family. Questions such as why should a certain PLC be used or not used are discussed based on your particular automation requirement. Please click here to see a composite list of all the PLC units that we have dealt with. In particular, our staff consists of individuals who are certified technicians in a variety of the listed PLC models.

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is the brain of an industrial manufacturing process. It automates a process as opposed to relay control systems. You can think of a PLC as a computer suited to survive the harsh conditions of the industrial environment whether that be in an automotive plant, a printing plant or a brewery to name just a few. Put another way, the car you drive, the newspaper you read, the beverages you drink are all produced by industrial automation technology made possible by PLCs almost forty years ago.

A programmable controller is composed primarily of two basic components: the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Input/Output Interface. These components are illustrated below:

Pyramid Consulting, Incorporated (PCI) can provide a wide range of Robots and Robot Controllers. Among the Robots available are:

  • 2 and 3-axis Servo Linear Robots

  • 2 to 4 Tank Rotary Servo Robots

  • 2 to 4 Tank Rotary Pneumatic Robots

Please visit our Semiconductor Store to view "some" of our current line of robots available. Our Robots are mainly used in Semi-Automated or Fully Automated Semiconductor Process Equipment. This does not necessarily mean we do not build custom robots for applications other than Semiconductor Process Equipment. Custom End-Effectors for substrate cassettes are available and are usually attached to the Robot to accommodate customer's process requirements.

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